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It Works!

I decided to join It Works after using and loving the products, and seeing friends of mine being able to quit their jobs and receive bonuses with this company. It’s so inspiring to me to see people my own age take control of their lives and live on THEIR time. I’m SO over working in a restaurant waiting on other people. I want to make friends with other people living the healthy lifestyle, and have fun by helping others do the same!! Feel free to take a look at the products we offer. I was super curious before, and I’m glad I started to try them.
I’m currently using:

-Thermofit to help with boosting my energy for work and workouts and burn more calories
-Greens!! LOVE them. Great lil packet of nutrition!!
-Defining gel on my legs and arms

In a few days I will be getting my big shipment of products, including Hair Skin and Nails which I am SUPER excited about, and will definitely be positing B&A pictures for, some wraps for myself, and Confianza- helps reduce stress and makes you focused. My friends have gotten off prescriptions because they take this. The products are all natural and really do work!

PS I’m down 8.5lbs WHAT WHAT :)


UGH I do not want to study right now. I have an exam every Friday for the next 6 months, it’s part of my internship. I pretty much have to reteach myself everything I have learned in college and complete hundreds of study questions. I’m actually VERY stressed out about it… but then when the time comes to study I have ZERO concentration or focus. Like right now! I went in to work tonight and got sent home because I got scheduled to bartend on accident… which made me super happy because I just wanted to be at home and study. But have I studied since I’ve been back home? Nope. Instead I keep looking up jobs or ways to work from home. Don’t be stupid, Kara. Get your shit done.


Hey guys! I’ve been so bad at posting anything… which is more for me anyway, but still, I’ve been terrible.

Still going at it of course. Trying to balance work, school, socializing, and a healthy lifestyle can be tough! I just recently starting tracking points again. I’m good at eating the right foods, now I need to control my portions. I started meal prepping, including weighing out and calculating the points value, and it makes it SO easy to just grab a couple tubs to bring to work or nuke one up when I’m at home. I love it, I really do. The scale is moving… slowly but surely, it is. That’s my problem though- when it goes too slow I get discouraged, which is dumb because I know I’m supposed to lose it slow for long-lasting results. But I already went up a little bit (okay it’s almost that time of the month so I can’t focus on my number right now) for a few days and it makes me stressed out. I’m already stressed out about school, so I’m kind of a mess.

My boyfriend and I received some free samples and $10 gift cards to Complete Nutrition, a health supplement store near where we both work. He just starting working out to gain muscle, and of course I’m trying to eat clean and work out to slim down. Both eager for a little help in each department, we decided we would check it out. The owner was so helpful, and of course we were easy to persuade, so we ended up buying quite a bit. This is seriously my vulnerable spot- I’ve always wanted to be happy with my body and never have, so any chance of that being in my future I go for it. I’ve spent so much money on health products and fitness gadgets you’d think I was crazy fit right now….. :sigh: let’s not get into that. I had a REALLY good serving shift the other night so I figured that it evens out right? Right? Okay, maybe not. Whatever. I bought this stuff and I’m super excited to document my progress.
Here are all of my goodies!!!

The owner suggested the REFIRM package, which also addresses my issues of low energy and not-so-good sleep, both courtesy of working as a bartender/server. I know what some people think of this kind of stuff, but I’m not looking at it as ‘a magic pill’. These are supplements to support my healthy lifestyle. A sidekick, a boost, a ‘helper’ of some sort.

The package also came with a free protein powder, one that also aids in weight loss, and it is only 3 points. This counts as a meal replacement after a workout, so I will probably mix it with a cup of coconut milk for 5pp total.

I also got talked into TONE as part of a deal, but I was already interested in these. The ingredients are all familiar to me as good supplements, and yes, I’m a sucker so I added this on. It’s got MCT oil, coconut oil, fish oil, omega-3s, good stuff.

So anyway, I will be on these supplements for 2 months. I was told I could expect to lose 25-30lbs which would put me at my goal, but I will see how it goes. In one month we will be up north for the 4th of July and I would LOVE to be comfortable in a bathing suit. So let’s do this! I am starting tomorrow!

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

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